Follow-up Comment #3, patch #1496 (project freeciv):

Ok, I put the nations in the right format. Also keep in mind that the flags
need to be in svg.

I made a half-complete Khazar nation myself some time ago, so I combined the
two. It is mostly complete now, apart from the flag.

Need a description and a flag. I also think it's better to put the city list
in a random order rather than alphabetically. It's a bit weird if you first
build cities that start with A, then with B, etc.

Also need a description and a flag. The names of the rulers (and cities)
should be in the native language (Russian? Ukrainian? Rusyn?), not in

Are the Ruthenians the same people as the Kievan Rus' and/or the Rusyns?

(file #9871, file #9872, file #9873)

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