Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1864 (project freeciv):

> I don't understand your changes to tile_border_source_strength()

I was thinking about custom rulesets defining a base with a big border square
distance. In this case, tile_border_source_radius() would return the base
border square distance instead of the city which would be smaller. To avoid
players to make both cities and bases to steal territory to the enemy, then
tile_border_source_strength() returns the city strength (which is really
superior) only in its own border radius, else it returns the small strength
of the base. It is like a double claiming between cities and bases.

For example, let say there is a city (with border radius of 3, strength 5)
and a base (radius 5, but strength 1 like all bases). Then in a radius of 4
or 5, the strength would be of 1. In a radius of 3, the strength would be 5.

> Comment there at least needs rewording as "this place" seems
> to refer in location not visible to this function at all (this
> border source tile, and "this place" probably means place
> where border is applied)

Yes it is. It would probably be clearer.


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