Follow-up Comment #7, bug #16480 (project freeciv):

That certainly works, but i find it inconvenient.  Help -> Technology only
shows me generic help about research.  In order to see specifics about a
certain tech [which is something i typically want to see more often], i have

1) click the triangle to expose the individual techs;

2) scroll down to the desired tech, if i remember the name;

3) finally click on the tech to see its help.

Excuse my exaggeration, but this is "too much like work".  Being able to see
help immediately for the item i'm looking at is "more helpful".

Back to the main point, i agree that the Help button does work as planned,
but that the plan isn't obvious to everybody.  A tooltip would be nice, or
else changing the title "Help" into something like "Display help in dropdown
menu".  The latter seems like it would fit, but some languages and/or some
display resolutions may have a problem with it.


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