Follow-up Comment #6, bug #16506 (project freeciv):

The default units.ruleset explains "ZOC" unit class flag:

; "ZOC"           = Unit is subject to ZOC rules. Unit type flag "IgZOC" can
;                   override this

And "IgZOC" unit flag:

; "IgZOC"       = ignore Zones of Control (ZOC) even if unit class has "ZOC"

ChangeLog has:

Added unit class flag "ZOC" for units that are subject to Zone Of Control
rules. Previously this was hardcoded to LAND_MOVING. Unit type flag "IgZOC"
may override this.

> Yet i can clearly recall times when an enemy Explorer has blocked movement
of my Warriors.

This is correct. Explorers have "ZOC" and "IgZOC" under the default ruleset.
Explorers can impose zones of control, but Explorers ignore zones of control
imposed by other units.

Under the custom ruleset by Anonymous, Explorers should not impose zones of

> It turns out that "NonMil" merely means a unit doesn't acquire veteranship
the normal way.

"NonMil" units will not impose martial law and will not cause unhappiness.
"NonMil" units can acquire veteranship by the normal way
(veteran_raise_chance, veteran_work_raise_chance and "Veteran_Build").


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