Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16510 (project freeciv):

I have reinstall Freeciv (its better now).
But when I try to start the server manualy he told me:

[code]pe...@linux-zuw3:~> freeciv-server
Freeciv Version 2.2.99-dev Server
Weitere Informationen zu Freeciv finden Sie auf
2: Cannot open IPv6 socket, trying IPv4 instead
2: Lade Regels├Ątze
1: Could not find included file "multiplayer/ai_effects.ruleset"
0: Could not load ruleset
In secfile_from_input_file() [registry.c:578]: secfile
'/usr/local/share/freeciv/default/effects.ruleset' in section 'datafile':
Expected entry name
  file "/usr/local/share/freeciv/default/effects.ruleset", line 20, pos 40
  looking at: '"'

How can I try to use IPv4?


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