Follow-up Comment #6, bug #15510 (project freeciv):

Attached a patch (which depends on bug #16568). Units now remember what they
were doing at the start of a turn, and if they go back to that activity then
no progress is lost. Design decisions:
* The client gets to see the "changed_from" activity as well as the server;
in principle it could use it to give accurate information about how long each
potential activity will take (although no client does this).
** Thus, this changes the network protocol and requires a capstring update.
* Stopping an activity and then moving/attacking loses all stored progress,
of course.
* Upgrading or transforming a unit also causes it to lose all stored
* Some other clerical actions like changing homecity don't affect progress.
* Fortification is a special case. (Really I think that fortification should
be a separate status of a unit rather than an activity, but that's another

>> Another related issue is that I think progress towards an 
>> improvement is somehow accounted to individual engineers [...]
This is now separated into patch #1894.

> Hopefully the fix will involve some way of telling how far 
> along the project is...
You can tell how many turns there are to go for each project on a tile by
middle-clicking on the tile. Or do you want something different?

(file #10067)

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