Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16588 (project freeciv):

The reason why Amplio's 't.l1.coast_cell...' and 't.l1.floor_cell...' tiles
refer to the arctic coastal sprites is that layer 1 of both tile_floor and
tile_coast is defined to match with ice. Layer 0 is the one that is matchinig
with land and this is defined in Amplio's ocean.spec file. I have been working
mostly with (iso)hex tilesets so I have not even tried to understand how that
one works. The original coastlines are not used in Amplio anymore.

I did not actually try the attached stratege tileset so I don't know if you
need different coastlines for arctic and dry terrains. If I remeber correctly
stratege is very simplified one so probably there's no need for different
coast graphics.

In my opinion, you should get rid of the extra layers, define fewer match
types (replace 'ice' with 'land' and so on) to make it simpler and easier to
maintain (and understand). Whether you want to try make something out of
amplio's ocean.spec or do it more traditionally, is up to you.


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