Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1696 (project freeciv):

This is causing a failed assertion in debug builds of trunk:

0: in check_strlen() [shared.c::672]: assertion 'strlen(str) < len' failed.
0: Name "Francisco Hernández de Córdoba" too long; truncating.
0: Please report this message at

MAX_LEN_NAME is 32 (which means 31 including the NUL terminator). That name
is only 30 characters, so I think it must be counting octets (the accented
characters being two octets each due to UTF-8 encoding).

What's the right answer here -- truncate the name, or increase the limit?
There's a comment saying changing MAX_LEN_NAME may break network
compatibility, but we can still do that on the trunk if we want to.


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