Follow-up Comment #3, bug #16614 (project freeciv):

(No. 3 is now bug #16623.)

As regards the assertion failure, attached is a patch which promotes the
leader (and legend) too-long error messages to non-debug builds, as for city
names, to increase the chances of ruleset/modpack authors seeing it. (It
still also causes an assertion failure in debug builds at the moment. Not
especially happy with that but don't have time to rework everything.)

In patch #1696, I proposed increasing MAX_LEN_NAME (partly to allow for UTF-8
encoding), and pepeto seconded. I've since realised quite how many items in
memory and on the network use MAX_LEN_NAME. We can still do this on trunk,
but are we comfortable with such a blanket change? If so, what should it be
increased to -- maybe 64 (from 32)? Or 48?

(file #10153)

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