Hi, I'm looking into getting involved with freeciv development. I
finally finished my git svn clone a few minutes ago (the process takes
_days_). I have read the wiki about the style guide and such which is
something I usually leave up to emacs to get right.

Does anyone have GNU/Emacs configurations relevant to this project I
can steal? I don't care if it is incomplete or half baked, I can fix
it. For example I have written http://github.com/nixeagle/ooc-mode
which _correctly_ handles syntax and code styling issues for the ooc
language (It has far more complex rules then C, but is very "C" like).
As emacs already supports C.... I'm hoping someone already did the
project specific tweaks and I can just 'steal' them ;).

In a day or two with luck I'll be getting my first patches on the
patch tracker! :>

James Spahlinger
user nixeagle on gna.org

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