There are a couple of open items left in the tracker with a
Planned Release of 2.2.3:


#15347: Bad drawing and floating point exception with trade route line
        drawing in SDL client
  I'm happy with the functionality of the remaining patch, and will
  commit it if no-one else does or objects.

#15559: Client can't connect to its locally started server
  This looks like an important bug, but cazfi (assignee) hasn't time to
  look it over for 2.2.3; he said others are welcome to steal it.
  I've given it a *very* brief spin, but haven't run into the original
  problem so cannot say that I've tested it properly, and I haven't
  reviewed it at all. I'd be tempted to ship with it anyway; as far as I
  can tell, Freeciv is unusable on a variety of systems without it.
  But it's unfortunate to leave such a patch so close to release.


#1700: Freeciv 2.2.1 patches for Mac OS X 10.6.3
  Not clear whether there's anything left to do on this one. Some points
  have been addressed in commits, some dismissed, but a couple remain

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