Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1942 (project freeciv):

Thanks for the input, consistant style is important. Both are easy enough to

- I changed my emacs code template for C functions to have a new line before
that '{' brace. No clue why I missed that detail, the rest of the functions
follow it! Regardless I can go back to not thinking about that particular
detail ;).
- I'll have to work on remembering to associate the '*' with the variable and
not with the "type". This is mostly a C++ habit I'll have to remember to drop
for this ;). I'll do my best, if I slip again please prod me ^-^.

Current patch is:

I plan to submit more patches like this one as I get to know the ai code. As
I read and document what is already here I'm gathering some questions about
the current behavior of the AI as well as some ideas to make it smarter. I
will do this as time permits, I just got a brand new cochlear implant turned
on today, and I must spend time learning how to hear with it ;).

(file #10273)

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