Summary: civilwar_nations for city names
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Something that has been annoying me for some time: when a nation has run out
if its city list it does not only start getting names from nations that are
listed as civilwar_nations in its ruleset, but also from nations in which it
is listed as civilwar_nation itself. So it does not only start giving names
of cities from subnational or related nations, but also from larger, outside
nations. This is especially annoying for EU members, since all of them are
civilwar_nations of the Europeans, and subsequently all other EU members
suddenly provide them with cities. So instead of just picking cities from the
Walloons or Flemish suddenly the Belgians start naming cities London or
Berlin, and instead of getting cities from Bavaria or Saxony the Germans
found cities called Athens and Stockholm.

There are two possible solutions:
- make it work only one-way. When run out of own cities nations will only
pick cities from civilwar_nations listed in its own ruleset
- preferably, add an extra option ("extra_cities" or "same_language" or so)
to list nations it should start pulling cities from if after it runs out of
its own cities. That has the additional benefir that it prevents linguistic
issues. Catalans should of course be a civilwar_nation for Spain, but the
Spanish shouldn't start naming cities Girona or Lleida when they already have
Gerona and LĂ©rida. So if an extra_cities variable is added all subnational
(or otherwise related) nations independent of language can be added as
civilwar_nations, but only nations that have the same language should be
added as extra_cities.


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