Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16383 (project freeciv):

I'm testing rivernative for triremes in my personal ruleset and I think you
pointed important issues with those questions.

Q1: I like the possibility to avoid diagonal moves for rivernative units. I
agree linking it to river_move_mode would be a good option.

Q2: If rivernative diagonal moves are allowed, I see ok that any city near
rivers can build them. I would link the requirement to be ON a river to
river_move_mode, too.

In experimental ruleset, I'd suggest to remove "TerrainSpeed" flag from
Trireme, else they can move up to 9 tiles along rivers.

If a rivernative unit is upgraded to a non rivernative, the game launch an
error when other units try to attack it. I'd suggest to disband units out of
native tiles, or to avoid triremes to be upgraded to non-triremes in the

Apart of that, this rule seems working right.

Let me a couple of related personal wishes:

1- I'm testing also the "big land" units that can't move to some terrain
unless roaded (using roadnative), and I would like to be able to create a
land class that can't cross rivers unless roaded (to recreate the importance
of bridges for tanks in ww2).
I think it would also be realistic to have sea units that can enter rivers
except if roaded (to recreate big ships stoped by bridges).

2- In civ3 you can't use railroads out of your national borders.
I would love to see in freeciv an option to count railroads in enemy
territory as roads. Already suggested by Taza here: 


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