Follow-up Comment #1, bug #16717 (project freeciv):

AI tries to pick a wonder city and build a wonder there. Today, the logic to
stay with a wonder city is broken, only because the code has '<=' instead of
'>=' at one place, so AI will never finish a wonder unless by luck AI chooses
this same city for every turn until this wonder is complete.

At ai_manage_buildings() under ai/aicity.c, I tried to change

0 <= wonder_city->surplus[O_SHIELD]

0 >= wonder_city->surplus[O_SHIELD]

and tried a game. I observed that the AI stayed with its wonder city, except
when this wonder city was not building a wonder (perhaps because the AI had
no technology for a wonder). So change from '<=' to '>=' seems to be good

I can create patch after I delete my logging code. I need to keep my logging
code while I study bug #13557.


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