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I did update the mapimg patches fixing all the TODO's. At the moment help is
needed for the sdl and gtk client (see patch #2061). Attached to this ticket
is a file including all the patches listed below.

[01/12] patch #2057: [mapimg] rename registry.c:MAX_LEN_BUFFER to
[02/12] patch #2058: [mapimg] add rgbcolor.(ch)
[03/12] patch #2059: [mapimg] update colors_common to use struct rgbcolor
[04/12] patch #2060: [mapimg] define terrain colors in the ruleset
[05/12] patch #2061: [mapimg] define player colors in the ruleset
[06/12] patch #2062: [mapimg] new setting playercolor + command /playercolor
[07/12] patch #2063: [mapimg] update display for 'list players'
[08/12] patch #2018: [mapimg] implement map image
[09/12] patch #2019: [mapimg] map image support for the client
[10/12] patch #2020: [mapimg] script to generate animated gifs from map
[11/12] patch #2021: [mapimg] add magickwand as another toolkit for the
creation of map images
[12/12] patch #1928: [mapimg] remove save_ppm and -P option

(file #10749)

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