I'm running the compiled binary MacOSX version of freeciv, 2.2.3, and on
startup I get the following error:

Did not find closing doublequote for '*include' line

  file "/opt/com.bitaxis/share/freeciv/default/nations.ruleset", line 241,
pos 10, EOF

  looking at: 'nation/zulu.ruleset'

  original line: '*include "nation/zulu.ruleset'

It's probably something really simple - looking at the file, the closing "
is there, but perhaps it's an end reading issue, as this is the last line in
the file.  I tried editing it, but couldn't get it to not be read only, even
with su (which doesn't work well on the mac.)

Otherwise, love the game, thanks for the effort to develop and distribute


Martin F. Melhus
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