Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1959 (project freeciv):

Just tried this out with patch #1956. Looks good, but a couple of issues I
noticed with airliftingstyle specifically:
* In "airliftingstyle_name", the same text "Allows units to be airlifted to
allied cities" appears twice. I think the second should be "Unlimited units
from source city."
* For that setting, some documentation has been lost; UNLIMITED_SRC used to
say "Airlifting from a city doesn't reduce the airlifted counter, but still
needs at least 1" and UNLIMITED_DEST used to say "Airlifting to a city
doesn't reduce the airlifted counter, and doesn't need any". (Also echoed in
fc_types.h.) This is important information, I think; as far as I can, it
basically means that with UNLIMITED_DEST you can airlift to cities without
Airports or equivalent, but even with UNLIMITED_SRC you need an Airport in
the source city.


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