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> I tried this. The crash still happens.
> I have been reading various threads on the subject. Such as:
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17713
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23082
> But no clear fix is presented but it has been marked as resolved.

        I'm not sure that the first case is related to your situation, since it 
relates to X failing to start - this is not what you are seeing.  The second 
sounds like your case.  Their bug # 23082 is not closed, so it might be a bit 
of waiting game while a final version patch is developed and gradually makes 
its way into distro releases.  Hopefully you have turned on 'backports' or are 
perhaps considering Squeeze, as Lenny is essentially finished.  You should 
probably also file a bug report with Debian, or at least mention this on their 
forums or listmail.  Otherwise it is unlikely that they will take the effort to 
put this in their Lenny repository.

> I'm a bit wary of using a nonstandard kernel under debian.

        Well, we're not talking anything that drastic - at least not yet.  The 
most radical suggestion i would contemplate now would be to force X.Org back to 
the previous version.  However, i'm not exactly sure how this would be 
accomplished; it'd be particularly tricky since so many other packages depend 
on it.  It is very likely that Gnome in Lenny would cease to work, and you'd 
have to regress it as well.  The resulting chain reaction would essentially end 
up having a system that was so Etch-like that it would be easier to go back to 

        I do have one more simple idea that might be worth trying: change your 
screen resolution down to a smaller one and see if that doesn't help.  It could 
be that the crash is due to memory used by the onboard video being stolen by 
the CPU, and it simply wasn't likely to happen until you changed to a larger 
monitor and [presumably] a screen mode needing more bytes.

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