Update of bug #16857 (project freeciv):

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Follow-up Comment #4:

Two patches attached:
* 0004-Nation-type-list-group-leader-and-city-cleanup.patch.bz2:
** Make a big cleanup in common/nation.[ch].
** Fix that the server write pointer locations inside the packets sent to the
client (unit type and government pointers). The client was not using them
anyway, so I removed those fields of the packet.
** New format in the nation ruleset files for the leader name, linking the
leader names to their sex. "leader" and "leader_sex" are merged inside a
tabular format "leaders%d.name", "leaders%d.sex".
* 0005-Modify-the-nation-files-according-to-the-new-leader-.patch.bz2:
** Modify all nation files to match the new nation leader format.

Applying 0004-Nation-type-list-group-leader-and-city-cleanup.patch.bz2 needs
a capability string update.

(file #10839, file #10840)

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File name: 0004-Nation-type-list-group-leader-and-city-cleanup.patch.bz2
Size:22 KB
File name:
0005-Modify-the-nation-files-according-to-the-new-leader-.patch.bz2 Size:82


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