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Patch attached. Some additional design decisions:
* rule_name added to: bases, city styles, governments, improvements,
specialists, advances, terrains, resources, unit classes, unit types, and
** Nations are the only kind of object which is checked for duplicate names
when rulesets are loaded. Extended that to check for duplicate rule_name or
untranslated "vernacular" name (but no cross-checks).
* Not added to nation groups, since they have no kind of persistent
existence, so can be renamed easily anyway.

Side effects:
* Fixes a bug where ruleset objects with qualified names weren't able to be
translated on the client. The qualifier was stripped off before being sent
over the network, so the client would end up trying to translate a string
that wasn't necessarily in the po-file. This can be reproduced on trunk by
looking at the "Pick nation" dialog in a non-English language; most nation
groups and city styles are not translated (a few are because they happen to
pick up the strings from real nations).
** S2_2 doesn't seem to suffer from this. I haven't investigated when it
* Loading a ruleset will now fail if any of the mentioned objects don't have
a "name" entry (previously this would have caused bugs later).
* Propagated trick of adding "; /*" and "; */" from default/buildings.ruleset
to other ruleset files to stop apostrophes in format comments from causing
gettext warnings (alternative solution to bug #16464).

(file #10953)

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