Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16962 (project freeciv):

Indeed, just noticed that. This came in between S2_1 and S2_2 (r13093
<>, PR#39370
<>), and indeed the PR
has evidence that the real Civ1 had non-vision_reveal_tiles behaviour. That's
a point in favour of this being an oversight.

I intend to just copy over civ2/cities.ruleset to civ1/cities.ruleset; this
will fix all these things. Perhaps I should do this on S2_2 as well, after

(The other difference between default and civ2 is that default has an
"ElectricAge" city style (starting at Automobile and ending at Rocketry),
whereas civ2 has an additional "Renaissance" city style (starting at
University), for which there are no graphics in supplied tilesets (so
Industrial is used instead). This is more or less cosmetic, though. All
relevant techs exist in all relevant rulesets.)


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