Follow-up Comment #9, patch #2077 (project freeciv):

>> At least, Qn_(untranslated_name) is never displayed to the
>> user...
> Well, unless they happen to have an English locale :)

Then Qn_(untranslated_name) = name_translation().

> In fact, if I keep the same tradeoff, then all the ENABLE_NLS
> conditionalisation in name_translation.h goes away (as
> Q_(ptrans->vernacular) becomes equivalent to
> Qn_(ptrans->vernacular) in the !ENABLE_NLS case with no
> run-time cost). Less #ifdef is good, right?

I agree. I insist that _translated_ should be set in _name(s)_set()_. All
this strings are translated at least once on client side (notably to generate
the help). So there is no reason to use this as a mutable member.

>> I can do it if you want.
> Feel free.

I will wait for your patch commit first.


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