Follow-up Comment #10, patch #2077 (project freeciv):

> I insist that translated should be set in _name(s)_set()_. All 
> this strings are translated at least once on client side 
> (notably to generate the help). So there is no reason to use 
> this as a mutable member.
This gets rid of a nasty cast, but presumably increases startup time a bit; I
don't know enough about how locales work under the hood to know whether it'll
also increase memory footprint for strings that may never be used. Your point
about booting the help texts on the client is good. In any case, I'd have
thought that one might prefer to have both a client and server that start up
a bit slow but are more responsive during gameplay.
Also, hmm, this means that _vernacular_ is a bit of a waste of space on the
client; now that we're translated eagerly, there's no further use for it
(unlike on the server). But I don't propose to try to do anything about that.

(file #10967)

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