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Follow-up Comment #1:

Design decisions:
* It turns out that we only currently need a plural name for specialists --
we don't use a singular anywhere -- so I've co-opted the existing _name_ for
** I've renamed "name" to "plural" in various places to make that clear.
** Adding the plural names fixes an ugliness I introduced in 2.2.x in bug
#15710, in the city report ("Specialists: elvis, scientist, taxman" is now
"Specialists: Entertainers, Scientists, Taxmen").
* Text describing the effects of specialists is hand-written. While it would
probably be fairly easy to autogenerate text describing the effects of
specialists in standard rulesets, it would quickly fail for more exotic
effects such as conditional effects; doing this properly (as with so many
other things) requires something of an overhaul of how auto-generated help
for requirements/effects is written. So I've opted not to try.
* Requirements for specialists to exist at all, however, are autogenerated,
since we can do a fairly good job of that. (Examples can be seen in the
civ1/civ2 rulesets.)

Incidental stuff:
* Since I touched the Citizen Governor help, I've split it up into multiple
strings as is done elsewhere, to reduce the translation burden of future

As well as making it easier to add new specialists in custom rulesets, all
this fixes a long-standing lie in the built-in help about the effects of
specialists; the description in helpdata.txt wasn't true for the civ1 and
civ2 rulesets.

Not done:
* Sorting out the remaining hardcoding of E/S/T in city options and the
client UI for that. This looks like a biggish job that's best handled by a
separate patch; it will probably need a further network capability change.

(file #10968)

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