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Follow-up Comment #1:

More leftovers from bug #14515!

The problem here is that a Factory's continued presence is required to get
the basic bonus from a Mfg. Plant (as well as being required to originally
build the Mfg. Plant), but not to get the incremental bonuses from electrical
plants. This affects pollution as well as output bonuses.

The current behaviour is clearly too complicated and fiddly, so this isn't
just a documentation exercise. There are two obvious choices for changing the
0 Require a Factory's presence to get any bonus at all from a Mfg. Plant. If
your Factory is sold or destroyed, a Mfg. Plant becomes completely useless
until such time as your Factory is rebuilt. (A Mfg. Plant needs a Factory to
supply it.)
0 Stop requiring a Factory's presence to get the basic Mfg. Plant bonus, only
to initially build it. (You need the Factory to build the parts to make the
Mfg. Plant, but once built it can be maintained without a Factory.) If your
Factory is sold or destroyed, you still get a reduced bonus from your Mfg.
Plant (equivalent to keeping your Factory and losing your Mfg. Plant).
I'm not sure which of these is best from a gameplay point of view. The second
is probably fiddlier to implement.

You can only reach these situations by deliberately selling buildings or by
an enemy deliberately or accidentally destroying them. The second could give
a small advantage to sellers, I suppose: if you're trying to reduce pollution
by deliberately selling one building, you can sell the cheaper-to-rebuild
Factory. The former gives an advantage to enemies, in that they can effect a
greater reduction in your manufacturing capacity by destroying a single

Currently I'm favouring the first option.

Any way round, changes to the help will be required.

A similar issue affects the civ2 ruleset; I don't know what the actual Civ2
behaviour that we're trying to emulate is. civ1 uses a simpler system so
doesn't appear to be affected.


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