Follow-up Comment #2, patch #2143 (project freeciv):

> It sounds a good idea. But, we probably need to decide about
> what we want to do: AI at server side in C, AI at server side > lua
scripted or AI client side. As I understand patch #1785 or
> patch #1846, we were going to a server side AI... 

I do not consider client side AI an option. As discussed somethere (I did not
find the source), the AI is coupled to the knowledge of the server which will
not be available in the client. Thus, a client side AI would never be as good
as a server side AI.

Furthermore, there should be distinguished between AI and advisors. The AI
belongs into the server but advisors for the player (as in 'small helper
script') could be part of the client. They would use only the players

About the language to use for server side AI, this ticket is the place to
discuss it. A lua implementation would allow to (easily?) save the AI state
similar as done for the server lua script.

patch #1785 is at the moment on hold. I have to revise the patches to the
current state of trunk.

patch #1846 would be of interest to speed up the AI. I think, one lua state
for each AI would help here (i.e. one lua state could be assigned to one

Short summary of some comments to this toppic I found using google:

> The second problem is that, provided the AI feature is
> client-side in a client-server game, those who have the better
> AI scripts or AI code will gain a substantial advantage. This
> is particularly the case in multiplayer games that use a
> timeout timer to end turns. The unofficial Freeciv 'warclient'
> gives players mass control over units and is a substantial aid
> in timeout games. While some may find this (writing their own
> AI-aid code) a challenge on its own, it is inherently unfair
> and detracts focus from the core game concepts.

"Why client-side AI could be a Bad Thing" (nice read!):

Discussion of client-side AI and AI using lua:

Discussion of client side AI in the freeciv forum:

Using function pointers for the AI functions and a comment by Per to the
complexity of the AI:

Why the AI is in the server (again comment by Per):

Old try on client side AI (puppeteer):

A good summary of the problems with the AI by Per:


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