Follow-up Comment #7, patch #2152 (project freeciv):

> S2_3 is stable branch. You really should not be making changes
> that require savegame format version bumps there.

Yes, there should be no change. So only for major/minor versions ... ;-)

In the past, the savegame.c file had a lot of conditions where the existence
of some data was checked. Depending on the result, some additional data was
loaded from the savegame or not. Using the compatibility functions (even in
the development branch!), the savegame2.c file defines the current format
while old files can be loaded and saved using the compatibility functions.

Thus, changes to the savegame format while developing 2.4 should be done to
the main definitions, while a compatibility layer is created for 2.3 <=> 2.4


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