Summary: Remove hardcoded Entertainer/Scientist/Taxman
references from clients
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Saturday 11/06/10 at 02:01
                Category: client
                Priority: 3 - Low
                  Status: Need Info
                 Privacy: Public
             Assigned to: jtn
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             Open/Closed: Open
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After patch #2050, I'm looking at removing the last hard-coded references to
the default specialists from the source code. These are in the city options,
"New citizens are: Entertainers / Scientists / Taxmen".

For a while I've been thinking of simply generalising the city options dialog
to list all available specialists from the ruleset, but on reflection, that
might be a backward step.

Currently, setting "New citizens are: Scientists" will cause the city to
optimise for science specialists if food production is sufficient (which
happens to give scientists in the default ruleset). Similar for Taxmen and
gold. In a ruleset with complicated specialists (say, new ones available with
techs or buildings), the city would automatically switch over to the best
available one without player intervention. Whereas in the obvious
implementation of my idea, if the player specifies a default specialist
explicitly, and that becomes unavailable in that city, the city will probably
fall back to using the "default" specialist (usually entertainers),
encouraging micromanagement.

Also, it will be hard to come up with a good UI that lists only specialists
that are sensible for that city, avoiding (say) player-unique specialists not
available to the current player.

Now that we have the citizen governor to specify the high-level goals like
maximising science/gold, are these options necessary at all? I could just
remove them entirely.

What do people think?

(I'm not sure how well Freeciv copes in general with specialists going
obsolete / better ones becoming available at the moment, but that's a
separate bug.)


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