Am Dienstag, 16. November 2010, 16:48:20 schrieb Matthias Pfafferodt:
> After the increase of the number of players and the map size I did plan a
> check of the memory requirement of the different freeciv versions. I
> finished this now and the attached pdf files shows some results.
> The first two pages show the RAM used by the server as listed by pmap. A
> savefile with the default settings and aifill = X, map size = Y at turn 100
> was loaded. Only one value of X or Y was changed while the other was set to
> 10.
> The requirements increase fro release to release; but with 2.3 it goes down
> for bigger maps. I also tested a game with aifill 100 and mapsize 100 - the
> server allocates up to 900MB RAM!

This value can be analysed with regard to the map. Each player map (for fog of 
war) needs for each tile 48 byte. For a map size of 100 and 100 players this 
will be:

bytes per tile: 48B
tiles on the map: 100 * 1000
player: 100

48B * (100 * 1000) * 100 = 480000000B = 457MB

The main map needs no memory compared to this value:

bytes per tile: 88B
tiles on the map: 100 * 1000

88B * (100 * 1000) = 8800000B = 8MB

For the player I have not checked the actuel memory size, but one has to take 
into account that for each player information about all other players are 
needed (diplomatic state)!

> The last two slides show the size of the savegame. For small number of
> players and map sizes is is OK. But increasing these numbers the size of
> the savegame increases and, if both are set to 100 the uncompressed
> savegame reaches a size of over 100MB. For such savegames the time needed
> to compress the data is significant.
> For the client, the memory consumption is increased from 1.14 to 2.2 (xaw
> to gtk2). After that, nearly no change is visible. The client uses up to
> 500MB, mostly for the graphical toolkit.
> If there are questions please ask.

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