Follow-up Comment #1, patch #2221 (project freeciv):

Thanks for the explanation. I've mucked around with this a fair bit:
* Moved inline to the relevant sections of the existing help;
* Added description of interaction of build slots with worklists (since this
was fairly carefully designed in patch #1234, it seems); in fact I've added a
description of how worklists work in general, which was missing;
* Remove the details which are more of relevance to ruleset authors.

I was uncomfortable with requiring people to understand/remember what the
punctuation means when city production is described as "Warriors
(134/[5*10])" or "Settlers (134/{1*40})"; the square-vs-angle-brackets is
particularly obscure. I've thus made the following changes to clients, so
that it's no longer necessary to understand the meaning of the bracketing
(although it's still there for experienced users):
* Add a "build slots" column to the city report;
* In the Gtk client, state the number of build slots on the Production tab of
the city dialog (if it's more than 1).
These should give enough information to know if you're using all the build
slots, which is what the bracketing tells you ([] means you are, {} means
you're not). (I'm assuming that the "5*10" bit is obvious enough once you've
read the description in the help.)

(file #11303)

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