Summary: "Freeciv" Gtk client theme looks bad on some
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sunday 11/21/10 at 17:43
                Category: client-gtk-2.0
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(This is a dump of observations without any serious attempt at analysis, in
the hope that a Gtk theme wizard will pick it up.)

For some time, I've noticed various unpleasantness with the Freeciv client's
appearance when I've been using the Freeciv Gtk theme and my Ubuntu GNOME
desktop has been using some system theme. I've noticed this for some time
with different successive versions of Ubuntu with different default themes,
but it's particularly bad with Ubuntu 10.04's light-on-dark "Ambiance" theme.
(Some of the same issues appear to apply to the lighter "Radiance" theme as
well, which is the default as of Ubuntu 10.04, and so is presumably widely

Not surprisingly, selecting a system theme such as "Ambiance" in Freeciv's
client config makes everything appear a lot saner.

Generally, I've been running Freeciv from an svn checkout without installing,
and there's been an older system Freeciv installed in /usr. However, I've
checked and neither of these factors seem seem to be significant.

This isn't very new; similar seem to apply to at least S2_2 and trunk.

The screenshots I'll attach were taken with trunk r18553 run from a "make
install" installation, with no system Freeciv, the "Freeciv" theme selected
in the client, and the desktop using the "Ambiance" theme, on Ubuntu 10.04
GNOME (unless otherwise stated).

I don't really have any idea how Gtk themes work, and in particular, how it
reconciles an application's theme against the system theme; perhaps we need
to fix Freeciv's theme to tolerate or override a wider variety of upstream
settings somehow.


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