Follow-up Comment #4, patch #2240 (project freeciv):

Unfortunately, r18683 has stopped the xaw client compiling for me:

cc1: warnings being treated as errors
citydlg.c: In function ‘get_contents_of_storage’:
citydlg.c:256: error: too many arguments for format

The problem appears to be that r18634 (bug #17179) added an extra format
specifier and parameter to the previous "Granary:  %3d/%-3d"; the string was
further modified in r18674; and r18683 reverted the string changes but not the
"code" changes such as the extra parameter.

This probably isn't fatal for 2.2.4; I think -Werror is only enabled with
--enable-debug=yes, and whether you get a warning for this at all is probably
toolchain-dependent. Needs fixing, though.


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