Follow-up Comment #11, bug #15805 (project freeciv):

> unable to load save games in xaw client. 
> Can someone look into this. Since I would be bit busy till
> weekend 

please try to start server and client seperatly. This will work at the
moment. I will try to look into this but I will be away starting tomorrow

> Did savegame loading has undergone any changes in other clients
> sometime back

There is a new savegame format but the entry function did not change. The
savegame handling in the gtk client was redone but I know of no basic changes
to it.

> 1: in unquote_block() [savegame2.c::991]: assertion '1 ==
> parsed' failed. 

This is fixed in bug #17193.

> I am unable to start the freeciv-xaw with your save game :( 

Try to start only the server and load the game. You need a trunk build.

> 0: "data/default/techs.ruleset": ruleset datafile appears
> incompatible: 
> 0: datafile options: +Freeciv-2.3-ruleset 
> 0: supported options: +1.9 

You have old ruleset data somethere in the path. Freeciv 2.3.0 has updated
all ruleset / tileset / ... capabilities.


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