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Follow-up Comment #5:

> Since MAX_VET_LEVELS is hardcoded at 10 what is the point of 
> doing this calculation 20/MAX_VET_LEVELS is always 2. 

MAX_VET_LEVEL is a definition for the max veteran level which can easily be
changed. If I use 2 here I would have to add a comment to tell the guy who
wants to change it in 2 years that he has to change this number too.

> You add 2 for a green diplomat attacker only to subtract 2 for a 
> green diplomat defender immediately afterwards. 

I did it to get nice numbers ... there is no need for it as the rounding to
int does it anyway

> We are now back to the original code except 15 has been 
> replaced by 2. The problem here is that the value for an elite 
> diplomat fighting a green diplomat is too low. 56% does not 
> give the correct advantage. An elite should be twice as 
> powerful hence 66% is more appropriate. 

It would mean to save the number of veteran level for each unit. Thus,
MAX_VET_LEVEL could be replace by the actual number and the increase per level
would be 20/(real number of levels). For 4 levels it would result in a chance
of 65% (elite diplomat fighting a green diplomat).


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