The contents of this email translate Japanese into English. Therefore there is 
an unnatural point in contents partly. Because I cannot write English unless I 
use translation because I do not understand English, and an interpreter was not 
found, please permit it the thing.
  Will this question be all right in this address?
  In addition, please tell me if there is the person that the person concerned 
of freeciv understands Japanese. 
I want to do a question to freeciv in Japanese. 
I intend to begin Freeciv from now on. 
  There was Freeciv with a free. So a download and installation, online or 
offline are games without asking it it, and will what I carry out be free of 
In addition, will a thing to install a game in other than Freeciv if I play 
what it is be necessary?   
  Because I did not understand it even if I read manuals well, I asked. Then I 

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