Follow-up Comment #1, patch #2265 (project freeciv):

Wow, this is something that's been on my wish-list for years. :)

The concept of citizen nationality could add some interesting dynamics if
applied appropriately. Some ideas...

-A city with only 'foreign' citizens gets an additional unhappy citizen.
(Ruled by foreign oppressor)

-A city with mixed 'foreign' and 'domestic' citizens gets two additional
unhappy citizens. (Ethnic tensions)

-A city with majority 'foreign' citizens breaks out and re-joins its
'original' owner after X turns of civil unrest. (Underground independence

-When a city grows, the nationality of the added citizen is that of the
majority in the city. (Build settlers and send to a conquered city to
'colonize' it)

-Re-imagining civil war: New player is not created. Instead, any city with
more than X% foreign population reverts to the player of the majority
nationality in that city.

-Introducing wonder that gradually 'converts' citizens to your 'domestic'
nationality (in city or on continent.)

-Certain governments have effects on nationality; e.g. under Communism or
Democracy, 'foreign' citizens does not cause unhappiness in cities.


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