The contents of this email translate Japanese into English.  Therefore there is 
an unnatural point in contents partly.  Because I cannot write English unless I 
use translation because I do not understand English, and an interpreter was not 
found, please permit it the thing.
  I want to do a deletion request for the thread with Mailing 
Lists. Will you accept the deletion request with this address?
And it seems in it seeming that a free lance is related whether you will be 
free of charge in all about Mailing Lists free, but….
  I solved a problem about Freeciv by oneself. I played, but gave up the play 
because a game was complicated.
  However, it was in a situation that I cannot cancel the email of the question 
that I already sent.
  Because the reason is because it puts the email of the question that it sent
  through the some place once. Therefore I do it whether I continue whether I 
cancel it.
  I continued transmitting a message. And it was not able to do cancellation. 
And I will continue staying here eternally.
  You have a request. I ask for the deletion of this thread.
  I show even the destination.
Freeciv-dev Archives
[Freeciv-Dev]  A question to Freeciv, dquesten (December 22, 2010 - 05:27)
  And I ask for the thread deletion of this deletion request when this deletion 
request is accepted, and a thread was deleted.
  Explanation that I have such a system beforehand in the site where Japan 
language is used I do not delete this thread or if I cannot do it criticizes 
this email system which was not done enough.

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