Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2265 (project freeciv):

(words to comment #1 and comment #2)

> Wow, this is something that's been on my wish-list for years. :)

The idea is from the greyciv patch from 2004 ([1]; last patch[2]; more
discussion [3] and [4] ); but I started from scratch as the code base changed
a lot and I want a clear implementation which can be (de)activated by a
ruleset option

> The concept of citizen nationality could add some interesting
> dynamics if applied appropriately. Some ideas...

But this has to be discussed carefully; I did implement or plan to implement
some of your ideas. Here are my comments:

> -A city with only 'foreign' citizens gets an additional
> unhappy citizen. (Ruled by foreign oppressor)
> -A city with mixed 'foreign' and 'domestic' citizens gets two
> additional unhappy citizens. (Ethnic tensions)

> I prefer the way it was done in civ3: citizens of an ethnic
> group at war with the leader start as angry. It makes things
> more challenging to capture a decent size city and not have it
> go into disorder right away.

I do plan a new feeling level after cities which adds additional unhappy /
angry people if you are at war with this nation.

> -A city with majority 'foreign' citizens breaks out and
> rejoins its 'original' owner after X turns of civil unrest.
> (Underground independence movement)

OK; I did plan a random element but do it after a time of civil unrest
(disorder) is a good idea. The city will go to the nation with the most

> -When a city grows, the nationality of the added citizen is
> that of the majority in the city. (Build settlers and send to
> a conquered city to 'colonize' it)

Here I do add new citizens with the nation of the owner. It is easier for
game play. Furthermore, after x turns (ruleset option) one foreign citizen is
converted and if you conqueror a city half of the foreign citizens convert to
your nation.

I think this will be changed to an effect. Thus, it can be different for
different goverments as well as wouders with such an effect are possible.

> -Re-imagining civil war: New player is not created. Instead,
> any city with more than X% foreign population reverts to the
> player of the majority nationality in that city.

OK; this was also my plan (plus the new city counts as conquered; see above)

> -Introducing wonder that gradually 'converts' citizens to your
> 'domestic' nationality (in city or on continent.)

see above; needs this as effect and not as direct ruleset option.

> -Certain governments have effects on nationality; e.g. under
> Communism or Democracy, 'foreign' citizens does not cause
> unhappiness in cities.

needs it as effect (see above)



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