Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17422 (project freeciv):

It would be nice to introduce qualifiers for the "Overview" message:

#: client/options.c:2306
#: client/gui-gtk-2.0/menu.c:1290
#: client/gui-win32/menu.c:424
#: client/gui-xaw/menu.c:247
#: client/include/helpdlg_g.h:26
#: data/helpdata.txt:39
msgid "Overview"

The message covers at least two quite different items: the overview map in
the upper left corner of the window and the heading in the help section. In
English, the word "overview" covers both of the concepts nicely, but it
doesn't have to be so in other languages. I don't know how many languages are
affected by this problem, but the string cannot be translated nicely into
Polish (my target language). As for Polish, splitting it into "?map:Overview"
and "?help:Overview" (or something like that) should do the trick. 


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