Follow-up Comment #4, patch #1819 (project freeciv):

> Lua scriptable AI should be implemented as (one of the) loadable AI

OK; but this also means that we have to think about the dependencies within
the code. I propose the following (it is [mostly] the current status):

* level 0 all code in ./common (and subdirectories)
* level 1 (server)
* level 1.1 all code in ./server (and subdirectories)
* level 1.2 all code in ./ai
* level 2 (client)
* level 2.1 all code in ./client (common client code)
* level 2.2 all code in ./client/<gui>

This means that the server should NOT access any AI code at all! The only
exception would be the interface to the AI module(s).

Would it be possible to use a directory / build structure similar to the
clients for the ai modules? I mean the AI comon code below ./ai and all
modules as ./ai/<module>? A possible lua script AI would use the default
(common) code but it would be called via lua functions ... (as the ai can use
server code, the files of ./server/scripting can be used). So the following
level should be include in the list above:

* level 1.3 all code in ./ai/<module>

Does this match your ideas / plans?

Do you know patch #2168? It also creates aiplayer.(ch) files ...


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