Follow-up Comment #7, patch #1819 (project freeciv):

> 1) I have nothing particularly for or against lua. Personally, i'm aware it
exists but know nothing about its pros and cons. Has there been [on IRC or
elsewhere] a conversation comparing high level languages that might be
suitable for this purpose? Off the top of my head, i might think of
JavaScript, Lua, PERL, Python, REXX, Ruby, and TCL. 

I don't know if there was such a discussion (perhaps before my time here?).
But lua is used as script language for server scripting and there is a patch
which uses luasql for authentication (bug #13643). I do not now much lua but
creating this patch I had to learn it (a little) and it is quite simple.
> 2) Does this ticket just concern server-side AI or also client-side, A.K.A.

'Advisor' is used for two things: client side counsellors and server side
helper code (which is also used by the AI for basic calculations).

> > This means that the server should NOT access any AI code at all! The only
exception would be the interface to the AI module(s).
> I though this was already agreed when I started code reorganization for
these changes. I have already done considerable amount of work towards this

I did repeat this as it is important to get a real 'independent' AI module.

There is also patch #1785 (cleanup usage of ai header files by the server).
Is trunk ready to get new patches or should the differences to S2_3 be as
small as possible? In the first case I would check these patches and commit
the simple fixes.

> I have to look patch #2168. Anyway, it's not a problem for one patch first
creates aiplayer.[ch] and other to be modified so it just adds stuff to it.

It is more the aim of the file:

* this patch: entry file for the default AI module
* patch #2168: functions related to the AI player code

Perhaps the module code could be implemented such that different modules are
easy to setup? (As said in comment #4:)

> I mean the AI comon code below ./ai and all modules as ./ai/<module>?


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