Follow-up Comment #12, patch #1819 (project freeciv):

> Do you mean "superset" or "subset" by "supset"? 

It should be 'subset', i.e. some basic functions.

> You can hardly call "ai/" code generic. It's specific to way
> default ai is coded, actually it is default ai. 

Yes, but I think that parts of it will/can be used by all AIs as common AI
code. Further, installing all AI modules into the ./ai directory will create a
clear hierarchy.

> How about you start your lua scriptable AI as copy of default
> ai? 

Would also work.
> I'm not saying lua scriptable AI cannot be default AI in the
> future, once it has been proven efficient and safe enough. 

It will be a long time till such a point. First it has to be written ...
> btw. By "server scripting" you probably meant "scenario
> scripting". I.e. it can be used in modpacks (custom content to
> Freeciv) It's not used in Freeciv engine itself. 

It is used in the engine for default games (see default.lua: huts,
partisans). Thus, it is 'server' scripting ;-)

> I would think the most immediate benefit of scripting the AI
> would be to have the leaders of different nations have
> different personalities: some could be more aggressive, others
> more open to trade, etc. Hopefully this would apply outside of
> scenarios such that a random game could assign each AI player
> a set of personality traits from a reasonable list.

I think this will be a long way. At the moment I only have the idea(!) of
calling the default AI via lua - this means that it still is the same code.
Starting at this point, it can be changed to allow for different


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