I'm making preparatory work for some quite big tasks. Fact is, that as
I now have kids and sometimes quite demanding job, I cannot spend so
much time hacking Freeciv as ten years ago. So you are very welcome to
take over these actual projects. I'd rather just limit my
participation to these setup steps and to supporting main developer.
By these setup steps I just make it possible for others to actually
develop the main project. If someone has been looking for coding
project, but doesn't really know what to start on, you may consider

1) Almost as long as I have been involved with Freeciv (since 1997),
it's been said that current AI should be rewritten from scratch. Quite
frequently people pop up to discuss it, but always they find out that
current AI is rooted too deep in the server code to be easily
replaced. I have been working to separate AI from rest of the server,
so others could write new AI. Currently I'm implementing interfaces
for AI(s) to be separately loadable modules. This would mean that new
AI could be completely separate project not even compiled as part of
Freeciv. So, soon (Freeciv-2.4) it should be much easier to write
completely new AI from scratch than before.

2) As Freeciv is written in C, and Qt is C++ library, and because of
how client code is arranged, it has not been possible to write Qt
client for Freeciv. Now I have worked on this, up to point where I
have stub client with Qt window opening. Mixing Freeciv code and Qt
still requires some work., but Qt-client main developer vacancy is
soon open.

 - ML

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