Follow-up Comment #1, patch #2286 (project freeciv):

> For more modules, and maybe cleaner even for one module
> situation, there could be module specific subdirectories under
> AI. At first phase all code that belongs to loadable module
> should go to its subdirectory, and code for library linked to
> server should remain in ai/ root. 
> In my opinion goal should be that there is no code in ai/
> root, i.e, no AI specific code linked to server. There is
> already server/advisors directory for code that can help all
> players. As code reorganization continues, current code from
> ai/ root should be moved to default ai module specific
> subdirectory, i.e, to loadable module. 
I think that is a good idea! Without loadable modules, the default AI is
build as a lib using the files in ./ai. Else the modules are build (one of
them is the default ai) using special files in the corresponding subdirectory
(i.e. ./ai/ai-default, ./ai/ai-stub or ./ai/ai-lua).


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