On 10 Jan, 2011, at 10:35 AM, Marko Lindqvist wrote:

> I suggest that we open qt-client tickets when we are about to start
> developing some patch, and not only when we have that patch ready. So
> the other(s) know that that part of the code is already being worked
> at, and we avoid doing duplicate work. I would also prefer that we
> keep tasks quite small (divide big tasks in to smaller ones) so that
> improvements come available to others rapidly.

        That makes perfect sense to me.  Do you have any suggestions as to how 
many steps or guidance as which tasks go into making a new client?  Are there 
any existing documents from the initial steps of the other clients??

        My first thoughts are: 1) layout/mockup, 2) take input from clicks & 
keystrokes, 3) display updates from the server.

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