Hi Mikhail,

Currently the ai code is being modularized to help writing custom ai modules.
As u stated that u wanted a no cheating gui.
If you can make a brief summary of how it can be acheived by looking
at current code.
It would act as guiding post for all who want to work on it.

On 1/11/11, Mikhail Smirnov <smart...@mail.ru> wrote:
> good day
> i'm Mike, big fan of Civ since first days of Civ2. it's a big mystery for me
> why freeciv don't have nearly perfect ai after all. I read about problems
> with sudden disappear of "main developer", and big caution about writing new
> ai from scratch.
> i agree that it's a big deal to make any ai, but if i constantly and easily
> win any kind and quantity of freeciv ai, i see no reason for carefull
> upgrading of old-time legacy. since i use several easy-programmable rules
> while playing, maybe someone can spend some time to program ai based on
> them? since i'm ex-programmer, i can easily understand in what terms i'd
> describe desired ai logic, i just have no time for coding.
> my goal is to make ideal no-cheating ai, since i saw no worthy one (ever!),
> and most of freeciv-fans are tough guys (i guess) there's no point in trying
> anything less. if we'll make it, it's possible to make easier levels
> (starting from ideal to easy, by downgrading, not by upgrading puny ai).
> this ai must use several layers of planning (starting from 1-2 strategic
> goals and then splitting them into more and more detailed goals/orders),
> casualties feedback, self-control (checking % of achieved inner goals).
> if anyone is interested, i'll be glad to help.
> best regards, Mike

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