Follow-up Comment #4, bug #17504 (project freeciv):

> Isn't MP for "movement points" a bit ambiguous for users, 
> though? This is clear in the translator comments, but users 
> don't see that. This is what we usually call worker-turns, 
> isn't it?
It is the "settler-turns" or "worker-turns" concept, but I don't think that
term is used elsewhere in the built-in help (the Terrain Alterations topic
comes closest with "the number of turns required for one unit of Settlers or
Workers to complete an activity").

I'm trying to avoid referring to specific unit names to allow for exotic
rulesets which may not have Settlers, Workers, or Engineers units (yes, the
Terrain Alterations topic currently fails this test miserably), which leaves
"movement points" as the only description left. It sort-of ties into the text
in the Units help, although that could be more explicit.

Re abbreviations: hm. Not sure about an "abbreviations" section of the docs;
perhaps tooltips for places like this when they're mentioned?


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