Follow-up Comment #3, bug #16566 (project freeciv):

It's not ideal. I think the menus should dynamically adapt where possible, so
that when only one F-like or E-like base is possible for the selected units,
the menu attaches the shortcut directly to that base type (as for the
"irrigate" and "mine" actions on the Work menu when those actions lead to
terrain conversion).

However, we would still need fallback names for non-default rulesets where
more than one kind of F-like or E-like base is possible for a single unit, or
for when multiple units on different tiles are selected.

I don't have any better ideas than your names. I think the problem stems from
the fact that "fortress" and "airbase" don't represent two fundamentally
different kinds of base, they just happen to be the two historic bases, so for
new bases there's no clear answer as to whether they're "fortress-like" or
"airbase-like"; if you were designing a ruleset I think you'd use the two
classes to minimise the proportion of the time when the user couldn't select a
base with a keyboard shortcut, without thinking about whether your bases fall
into two basic types.

(So perhaps we could allow rulesets to specify the menu text to be displayed
for the GUI types? But I still don't know what I'd call them in the default


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