Follow-up Comment #4, patch #2286 (project freeciv):

Even when code has been refactored so that there is clean module interface
between server common code and default ai, default ai is not modular
internally. It's not trivial to take some part of it as "common ai code" that
does not depend (call functions) on remaining parts.
So, I'm even more convinced than before that next step as soon as remaining
direct calls from server common code are weeded out, is to move all current
default ai code to ai/default directory and to default ai module. Once we
reach that point, we can consider this ticket finished.

I'm not against later refactoring of the code so that some parts of the code
are again moved from default ai module to common ai code. I'm just saying that
it requires refactoring = work = time, and meanwhile we can have default ai as
real module only by moving all the code to that module.


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